I cannot withdraw my funds because the only option is a US account and I do not have one.

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It turns out my account is mistakenly designated as Bermuda (you cannot change the country once the account has been set up) I have no idea why as I am a British citizen living in Spain. I believe this discrepancy caused my account to be permanently limited when I provided my correct security information when asked for proof. (i.e. it shows that I am from UK in Spain and the account for some reason says Bermuda.) 

Now I have significant funds in the account which I cannot withdraw. Paypal blocked me for 180 days and now that the funds are supposedly accessible they will only let me withdraw to a US account in my name. But I do not have a US account and I am not a US citizen. So it's impossible.

Furthermore the funds are in euros, so withdrawing to a US account would incur two uncessary currency exchanges before I receive my funds.

Please help!

The replies from the Customer Support team are beyond moronic!

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Paypal is country specific so you should never use another countries paypal account as it won't work properly for you and would soon be limited.


When you click to register U.S is the top option as paypal is a U.S company, then you click on the drop down box and scroll down to the

country you are living in and open a paypal account for that country. (Doesn't matter if you are a UK citizen if you are living in Spain you open a Spanish account and add a Spanish address and financial information to it). 


Its unlikely you will be able to recover any funds from another countries paypal account but if there is a way (and I've not come upon a successful person yet) then only contact customer services could help.

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