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I have an issue with our account being limited. We are an online community based in Ireland, and we set up a Paypal ages ago to help pay for bits and pieces.


However, we organised a bigger event in person recently (a party) and sold tickets for it to cover the venue hire costs, and it appears we've hit a limit on the account. Another issue is that the previous primary contact is no longer involved, so I've now tried to adjust the name on the account too.


I'm worried that if we can't get the issue resolved our funds will be lost. I've submitted new identity documents to change the name, but as on online community, "documents written on business letterhead" doesn't really mean anything. Nor does business address details. In addition, we aren't a registered business, just a community group. Before I go speaking to a Paypal rep, can anyone here help me?



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Hello @irishfurries,


Welcome to our community forum and thank you for your post!


I do understand your concern regarding your account being limited. If your account is limited, we may ask you for documentation that helps us confirm you or your business which is related to your identity, address or business.


I understand that you may not have documents needed to upload in the Resolution Center and in this case, you can provide the required information by typing it there itself, either in pdf format or in word document. Once you upload that, our concerned team will review it and respond soon. 


Have a great day!





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