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Hey guys. I think this topic has been raised many times, but I want to ask.

I paid money to one seller, making a transfer "for a friend." I understand why he accepted the payment in such a way (tax avoidance and instant crediting).

But he did not fulfill his promises, for which I wrote a complaint to paypal. Paypal decided to refund my funds, for which I am grateful.

The amount was large - a couple of thousand dollars. I paid with a debit card. However, I only received $43 in my paypal account.

They wrote to me like this: We've determined the transaction(s) in question were unauthorized and have refunded the full amount for the following transactions -

Why is that? Is it because the scammer has no money on paypal and paypal can't refund me? Or will they back to my debit card? Why I got $43. although it should receive literally x.000

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Hi @Artik123


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It sounds like you might of used your PayPal balance to fund some of the payment. If you have received a refund and used some of the funds from your balance and funded the rest from your card, the portion you used from your balance will go back to your balance and the rest will go to your card. For example, if you made a payment of $100 dollars and had $43 dollars in your PayPal balance. We will take the $43 dollars from your balance and request the rest from your card, $57 dollars. If you receive a refund, the $43 dollars goes back to your balance and the $57 dollars goes back to your card. It can take a few days to show back up on your card. 


I hope this helps, 


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Thanks for the quick response! Well, that doesn't seem to be the case. I don't remember having a paypal balance, usually I always use card payment.

I'm a little confused, because the letter says:
"The money will be returned to your PayPal balance."

However, the transactions themselves show that they went to the cards: "You'll see "PAYPAL *e-mail" on your card statement."

Perhaps this money was taken from the balance of the seller? And the rest will be received through a request from his card? I do not get you. It will be a shame to receive only 43 dollars out of several thousand. And I can’t subscribe to those support, because it is not available now.

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