Fraud - Reported unauthorized transaction from but declined by PayPal


Suggest anyone dealing with the same issue take quick action attached below
‼️Actions taken‼️
* 0 balance in PayPal
* tried to report this scam in Resolution Center but found this type of transaction can't be accepted ( very clever scammers )
* reported to Action Fraud -
* changed the password to a more complicated one
* added 2-step authentication for every single login to receive a one-time 6-digit code
* removed the scammer's address and device
name : abdul [removed]
address : [removed]
device : Apple Safari
* searched this scam on the PayPal forum and found it's a PayPal data leakage starting last year
Unauthorized payment from Just Eats
* set up auto conversion to transfer my revenue to my account immediately from now on


I received 2 transaction requests within 2 mins after midnight last weekend.
I tried to report it to the PayPal resolution center but was not allowed.
At first, it was pending approval but the next morning both amounts were paid shockingly.
I even found the 2nd transaction used my PayPal credit, which means I may lose more even though my PayPal balance is 0!
They're simply scammers or hackers who used PayPal's data leak to illegally use my account to buy things online
The PayPal resolution center system doesn't allow me to upload anything to support my case.
Initially, it wasn't even allowed to be reported as a dispute
I had to keep looking to finally got my 2 cases reported on their messaging web page
I eventually contacted PayPal on the day finding it and spoke on the phone with a customer people and was promised my money will be refunded for sure.
But what turned out was a disappointment that shattered my trust in them.
I don't think PayPal's decision was fair at all to a scam victim like me and all those facing the same PayPal data leak problems.


I've reported this to Action Fraud, a police site, about this with my report confirmation file attached along with all other evidence screenshots to support my case.
PayPal's unfair decision to decline has badly impacted my confidence in using their service to continue my biz payment collection honestly.
I've been using their service for many years and was always comfortable and confident in PayPal till this happened.
I don't find PayPal treats my cases fairly enough.
Sadly, I had to remove all my revenue from PayPal to my bank account as my trust in you has been totally destroyed.
The point is not the amount but PayPal's neglect of protecting users' account security.
Their message chatbot said it takes 10 days to escalate my dispute to a claim.
I'll do that in a week from now and let's see ... I'll update later

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