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My paypal is linked to my depop account where i sell clothes and shoes, someome bought a $1000 moncler jacket from me and i shipped it to them 3 days after. i gave them the UPS tracking info and everything and it was delivered and they "claimed" they Never recieved it. They lied and now they did a chargeback with their bank, UPS tried to reach out to them and they didnt respond. I am being forced to pay $1000 now because this person has lied about not receiving the item and taking advantage of PayPal services. Any solutions or recommendations?

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Provide proof of delivery, signature confirmation to PayPal. Tick off all the basic and additional requirements for PayPal’s Seller Protection.

File police report to include in with your proof of delivery, too, to make it official. Even have UPS write a note or include the note that UPS said they tried to reach out to buyer who didn’t respond. Hope PayPal decides to cover you or has PayPal decided to await decision by the buyer’s bank?

Check this out too: What is Buyer Abuse?


Have to think twice about selling expensive stuff by mail order. Cash-in person, local.

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