Can I return a product after confriming receipt

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So I purchased a an item from a guy on Facebook as he is in a tight jam financially. He told me he wont be able to ship the product until the end of February but he cannot access the funds yet without me confirming the order in PayPal. If I confirm the order now and wait for his delivery at a later date, am I still eligible for some kind of buyer protection if he does not ship it at the end of February as promised?
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PayPal has said (do a search of the forum archives) that confirming receipt doesn’t negate your buyer protection (actually I see contrary reports from them depending on who you ask and who responds) but users by and large advise not to confirm before receiving item.


You’re not responsible for an internet stranger’s financial problems. If you want to help out someone, that’s terrific, then don’t have conditions. Send them a no-strings attached friends and family gift payment and call it a day. What you have going makes everything unnecessarily complicated and could blow up in your face when all you doing is trying to help. Might end up with a sponge in the mail.


You can get your money back by filing a not received dispute 7 days after payment date or do nothing and wait for seller to ship end of February so you have 180 days buyer protection.


I don’t know if it’s still true coz I just sell because previously I heard when you go to confirm receipt, an alert will appear saying that you agree to not dispute the payment. I did a “confirm receipt PayPal” web search and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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