Buyer scamming and threating me


This start on 10th January, a person named Mr. Caeser [removed] contacted me using whatsapp as he found my contact on, as I am a verified vendor and service provider from last 8 months and I run a software startup from last 3 years. He wanted me to start ads for his product "Men Libido enhancer" and website [removed]

   I too grabbed the opportunity considering it was someone wanting to go with google and meta ads genuinely. We finalized costs for both as $300 for google & meta ads work and budget for the campaign paid separately initially. I started working. Created his facebook accounts, google accounts, created his 2 google ads accounts, set them up, setup payment methods, setup ad campaigns. For meta, created his facebook profile, created facebook pages, created the ad account for his pages on his name. Afterwards, I started an ad for his products on the page [removed]. But meta policies didnt allow us to market his libido enhancer pills. Then we started only with google ads, and re-arranged the costs of the deal to $200 for only google ads per month. After setting up complete ad, I asked him to pay me half the amount, so I created this paypal account and sent him invoice of $100, he paid. But after 2 days, after the ads were set, keyword research was done, complimentary SEO for his website was done, an ad with all required keywords which was run by my own money was done and had good results and good visits to his website were recorded, he started saying that you are inexperienced (I am Certified Google Ads Expert & doing google ads from last 3 years) and you have confused me, and refund my money or I will file a dispute case against me. When I read this whatsapp message from him, I took backup of the whatsapp chat and all media in it, and politely told him to not play a victim card, and pay me my balance money, as I had completed the work assigned. I all the required proofs, chat exports, screenshots, google ad reports. Please guide me to solve.

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