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Hello all, I'm having a lot of issues navigating the menues of the Resolution Center. I made an order with a seller who wasn't able to send the item because of transportation limitations. The seller said by email that he had directly reimbursed me via Paypal on the 30/01/2023, however I don't see any reimbursement in my activity. I'm still under buyers protection and I can select the transation in question and go to the resolution center.


However, I can't see to find any good option around the selection menues to ask for a refund with Paypal's help. After finding the trasaction I click on "Report a Problem". Then I have an option saying "I want a refund for some or all items in this order", which seems correct. I fill in the item name and specifications and the menu that appears afterwards however, is where my problems start.


In the section "Tell us a bit about the problem" I only have 3 options, none of which are correct for me:

1. I received an item or service that was different or not as described

2. I received an item, but it was delayed

3. I already returned the item


The issue is that the item couldn't be delivered at all, hense why the seller thought it best to cancel my order and refund me. While they say they've already did do via paypal, I can see the operation being done on my side and it's already been a few days since the 30th January.

I wanted to open a claim with Paypal, but I can't find the correct option in these menues for the resolution center.


What do you propose I do?


Thank you all in the community for your valuable help.


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You need to open a dispute for non receipt of item.

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