Am I covered as a seller please

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I’m in the process of a transaction, buyer is abroad and has suggested me waiting 48h before I post the item. Then using the ‘get my funds’ faster option and selecting virtual goods. The buyer will then confirm goods arriving. Does this then mean payment then can’t be reversed? As I seller am I covered?
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Does this then mean payment then can’t be reversed? As I seller am I covered?


No it does not because any payment transaction can be later reversed by buyer/sender if they find an issue with the transaction. Buyers/Senders have 180 days from payment date file a PayPal dispute, bank reversal or credit card chargeback.


Click the transaction to see more details. If you are eligible or partially eligible for seller protection, it will say so. The details will also say whether you should ship or not.

If the payment is subject to 21 day hold it is because:


- sender forgets to choose appropriate transaction type

- sender cannot send a friends and family payment, only goods and services payment

- immediate release amount has been exceeded for the month

- your account is new at receiving goods and services payments

- haven’t received payments in a long time or unusual activity for your account

- because PayPal detects high value or highly risky transactions

- change in products/services being sold

- received numerous complaints, disputes from customers or other users


You may do certain tasks to get the funds released sooner:


There are two methods to release money sooner depending on what you see on your screen:


Method 1:


Recipient has to change the order status or add tracking: 

  1. Go to Activity. 
  2. Find the transaction to update, then click Get your money. 
  3. *If you sold a product, select Product to add tracking information or print shipping label directly
  4. **If you received payment that do not require shipping, selling an intangible item or service, select Service or virtual product to confirm order status

Click Submit. 

*Use one of the approved shipping carriers and PayPal release the hold 24 hours after the courier confirms delivery to the buyer’s address.

**Recipient will get their money 7 days after confirming the order status as Completed.

Method 2:


If there are no issues with the transactions such as disputes, claims or chargebacks, the funds should typically be released within 21 days from the date of payment.


In some markets, the transaction can be marked as "shipped" or "processed" to gain earlier access to the funds.


Here's how to mark your item as “shipped” or “Processed” in the Transaction details:


  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Go to Activity page,
  3. Click the transaction to update.
  4. Click “Add tracking info” button.
  5. Click the Order Status menu and select “Order Processed” if physical shipping is not required, otherwise selectShipped” and provide tracking number if available.


Then, after 48 hrs from payment date, ask Sender to ‘confirm receipt’, here’s how:


  1. Click Activity at the top of the page.
  2. Find and click the original payment for the item.
  3. Click Confirm receipt.
  4. Click Yes to confirm that you received the order.

    Note: Not all transactions will have the ‘confirm receipt’ option nor is required to confirm receipt.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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