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if I use a personal sandbox account is in Egypt and the balance is in EUR and the business account is American and currency is in USD when I make checkout the order is completed and captured but the balance in personal does not decreased and the balance in business does not increase, I Do not know where is the Problem?

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Hello @amira-mohamed 

Thank you for posting to the PayPal Sandbox Community. Its possible that one or both of your sandbox accounts have an unconfirmed email. If the buyer or seller email is unconfirmed you will not see the transaction, and the balance will not transfer from one sandbox account to the other.

Here is how to confirm your sandbox email:

Ensure the sandbox account is associated with your PayPal Developer account:

  • Log into PayPal Developer Dashboard at
  • Click Testing Tools
  • Click Sandbox Accounts
  • If you do not see your sandbox account listed, click on "Link other sandbox accounts to this developer account"
  • Log into your sandbox account
  • Link it to the developer dashboard

Next resend confirmation email

  • Log into your sandbox account at
  • Go to Account Settings
  • In the email section, click Confirm beside your email address
  • Choose to resend confirmation

Next go to your developer dashboard to see the email notification:

  • Log into PayPal Developer Dashboard at
  • Click on Testing Tools
  • Click Sandbox Notifications
  • Click on email notification email
  • Follow prompts to confirm the email

If you are not able to confirm the sandbox emails, or you do not receive the funds in the sandbox accounts, please provide both the seller merchant id and the buyer payer id, so that we can review the transaction to see if there was an issue with processing the payment.

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