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can't recieve money with business sandbox account

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Hi there,

I am new to PayPal, and I am creating merchant app. My main problem is that I can't receive money on my sandbox business account.

When a send money from an other sandbox shopper account , i get the status "Pending" in the shopper dashbord account but in the business PayPal accounts i didn't recieve any think.

I was searching trough PayPal forums, and I found that this is because my sandbox account e-mail address is not confirmed. I followed the instructions and I get "Check your email to confirm", but everytime my e-mail inbox remains empty. I was looking in spam folders, checking my e-mail filter settings but nothing. After that, I created more e-mail addresses, added them to my account, but i couldn't confirm any of them either (not receiving confirmation e-mail).

For the record, I confirmed my paypal e-mail address without any problems.

Hoping for help,



can't recieve money with business sandbox account


You have submitted a support ticket for this query and I've responded to your support ticket.

Please review the response on the support ticket and update it should you have any further questions.

Thanks !

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