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autoreturn url not working after sum days


autoreturn url not working after sum days


I'am newbi on paypal.


now I am working for auto return in sandbox.

somedays worked from the day start.

(I did autoreturn to On, and registered Return URL , and Payment Data Transfer to ON, so worked)

but now , don't to to return after payment . I didn't change anything in config.

So I setted again, and again.

But url never changed for return url.


just It was on paypal result page 


"Your payment was completed. To continue shopping, please return to the merchant."


if you know why it is, please teach me.


thank you.






Re: autoreturn url not working anymore

Hello, I am experiencing the exact same problem. Since a couple of weeks ago, around the beginning of August 2018, when making a test payment to my Sandbox merchant account, the return URL with PDT enabled is no longer working. Instead of being redirected to the return URL, paypal redirects to a generic Checkout page with the following URL:


The page just shows the PayPal banner graphic and the following text:


Your payment was completed. To continue shopping, please return to the merchant.


And the page title is: PayPal Checkout - Please try again.


The IPN works as expected and I receive the confirmation email sent by the IPN Listener I have setup. The above page is curious because the title says to please try again, however the main text says payment completed. And in the URL, there is a generic error code with "Payment_already_done". 


In any case, even when I disable PDT and try a different return URL, I still get redirected to the generic PayPal Checkout page. 


I even tried to create a new merchant Sandbox account but I still have the same problem.


Re: autoreturn url not working anymore



Fortunately I received temporary solution for this problem from paypal technical support.

They said "edit hosted button step 3. 'Take customers to this URL when they finish checkout' ".

It's working now. so, I made checkout program. 

but, this is temporary prescription, and the real problem has not been solved yet.


They said like this "As for this case, I have to check with our developer. I will let you know once I have the information on this." at 08/13/2018

and I can't receive solution yet.


after 1 or 2 weeks, I have to start real payment system.

I hope this problem just in sandbox case.


New Community Member

Re: autoreturn url not working anymore

Hello there.


I have the same problem, can you explain me some more about that hosted button?


Thanks a lot!