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in the lat 2 days i am trying to verify PDT (sandbox) but i keep getting FAIL.


The thing is that i did not used my sandbox in the last 3 years and in order to find where the problem is i need to verify that the identify token i pass as parameter is correct.


When i login to sandbox to find the identify token i cant find it at all.In website preferences i have the PDT on but i cant see under PDT the identify token.


How can i find it in the new UI.



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There is a known issue with the PDT token not displaying from within sandbox accounts at the moment.

Please share the 'merchant id' from your sandbox account and I can retrieve the PDT token for that account.

Please follow the steps below to retrieve the 'merchant id' for your account.

1. Login to your account - https://www.sandbox.paypal.com

2. For premier accounts, click on "settings" (the gear icon showed on the account overview page) and on the following page, the left-hand side of the page will show a section called "account options" and within that section you will see "Merchant ID".

3. For business accounts, click on "settings", (the gear icon showed on the account overview page) and then "profile and settings" and on the following page near the bottom of the page you will see "Merchant account ID".

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