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Unable to use PayPal Checkout app in app center - Business Sandbox

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I'm trying to access the PayPal Checkout section of the App Center on the business sandbox profile. When I navigate to App Center -> Accept Payments -> PayPal Checkout all I get is a never ending loading bar as can be seen in this screenshot:


Screenshot from 2021-06-15 13-11-30.png

From the logs I can only see the following (although I don't know if it is necessarily related to the issue):

Screenshot from 2021-06-15 13-11-53.png


What I've tried so far is:

  • Clearing my cache and cookies - Was not successful (Suggested by PayPal technical support)
  • Creating a new sandbox business account - was not successful

This is not happening to any of the other apps, i.e. Subscriptions, Invoicing, Recurring payments, etc. Only on the PayPal Checkout app.

Could it be a bug in the Sandbox environment? If so how would one report it?

Any help on resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

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