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Suspicious Email Address & Credit Card Info On SandBox Account

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tLast night I tried to apply for an API for y WooCommerce Website. For some reason, the NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic) returns a Blank page. At times the "My Selling Tools" also becomes inaccessible, It's not clickable. I changed 3 browsers and even used my cell to check if it's a browser issue still doesn't work, I browed my friend's iPad and tried it on there, nope, NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic) still returns a Blank page and "My Selling Tools" is not clickable. I gave up and went to bed at 2 AM.


The Shock


This morning, I looked into the SandBox account, to my utmost surprise, there are two email addresses with a Visa Card number and expiration dates as well as a Bank account numbers and a routing number. These put some shivers down my spine! I noticed that the two email addresses have been modified to look slightly different than my own email address. Let me give you an example if my email address was "example at gmail dot com the 2 fake email addresses I found were, "examples-facilitator at gmail and the other one was "example-buyer at gmail 


These 'ghost' email addresses cannot be deleted, I changed both passwords on those fake emails address, but I realized that a confirmation has been sent to them asking if they changed the passwords. I tried several tricks to delete them without success. I made a duplicate of the two fake emails so I could completely take access and delete them, it didn't work. The duplicates I was able to delete.


This is freaking me right now because whoever set up these fake account has also, lifted my withdrawal Limits to Unlimited Paypal withdrawal, which I've never done, and when I look at all the Activity History al of that was done just yesterday.


The Phone Call


That person has also left their phone number on the account. So I called them!... It went to a voicemail, It was a Male sober talking d**ck head. Before calling him, I did call Support, and they couldn't figure out why the My Selling Tools returns blank on their either, we went thru different browsers they're of no help and had suggested I Contact MTS.  I have a headache just thinking about, It's 4:20 pm here in Vancouver and I haven't even had breakfast yet because this is not something you just leave and go away .. what if I come back and all my account is emptied? what If I logged out and forget about it and not able to log back in? what if...what if...what if...What If... What I didn't think of building a WooCoomerce store ? What if I didn't look into the API page? What If..


I mean, I'm super worried right now you could clearly see that by the way I'm ranting..

I've been selling on eBay for a while now, and this is the scariest thing yet!. I'm waiting anxiously for a respond from MTS as I've already emailed them with all the details and screenshots.


If anyone else know why this is happening I will keep my eyes on this until the problem is resolved.


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