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Sandbox and Vendor, Username, passord settings

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Our developers are trying to test the Sandbox with Magento 2 and having a hard time find this information. Our team says, "We need PayPal Payments Pro information as we are working with Magento 2 so we need these information ‘Partner’, ‘User’, ‘Vendor’, ‘Password’ to activate the Payments Pro from the Magento backed
For more information please share this link with support team then they will understand properly what we are asking for.


Anyone have any suggestions on these credentials and how to find them?




Sandbox and Vendor, Username, passord settings

Hello David,

Those credentials are payflow credentials, used to authenticate against our payflow API endpoints.

From within a sandbox account which has been upgraded to payments pro, go to the "API Access" section within the account profile.

Direct URL :

On that page, select "Setup Payflow Pro API Access" to create the required credentials.

Thanks !

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