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Problems with Payouts (422) Unprocessable Entity/INSUFFICIENT FUNDS

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Using sandbox, .NET SDK.

Im trying to make a payout with the code below. Im getting error "(422) Unprocessable Entity."

with an inner message "INSUFFICIENT FUNDS". I have created a new Sandbox (merchant) account with 

tons on Money, created a new App that uses this account and regenerated new client key/secret for this

new and loaded account. I still get the same error… I can see my unsuccessful calls on my dashboard, but

no further info. Any leads? 



public void MakePayout()
            // Get a reference to the config
            var config = ConfigManager.Instance.GetProperties();
            // Use OAuthTokenCredential to request an access token from PayPal
            var accessToken = new OAuthTokenCredential(config).GetAccessToken();
            var apiContext = new APIContext(accessToken);
            var payout = new Payout
                sender_batch_header = new PayoutSenderBatchHeader
                    sender_batch_id = "1524086406556",// "batch_" + Guid.NewGuid().ToString().Substring(0, 8),
                    email_subject = "This email is related to simulation"
                items = new List<PayoutItem>
                new PayoutItem
                    recipient_type = PayoutRecipientType.EMAIL,
                    amount = new Currency { value="1.5", currency="USD" },
                    receiver = "payouts-simulator-receiver[at-but-the-real-at-sign]",
                    sender_item_id = "15240864065560"
            var created = payout.Create(apiContext, false);           

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