Problems setting up sandbox account for M2 testing


Hi all


I am totally lost and need some help ASAP please


We have a website currently on M1 and we are in the process of migrating to M2.  We use payflow pro to accept credit card payments


Our developers need to do some sandbox testing for our payflow pro account and have asked me to set this up for them


Is this done through our developer account ?  I *thought* I had this worked out.  I logged into our developer account and set this up - as I now have a seller and buyer email address.  I then added the seller email account to the service settings, set up, paypal express checkout, PayPal Sandbox email address in paypal manager.  Saved it. 


I then tried to log in to the sandbox testing website with various combinations of email addresses and passwords (which I got from the developer account)  I am unable to log in.


I have sent numerous emails to the paypal tech support team but they are totally useless, they only give you dribs and drabs of information in emails, take a week to respond and never answer the questions properly.  I have asked to speak to someone on the phone several times, but they simply do not talk to people on phones


I don;t know how we are supposed to do the sandbox testing and work has stopped on the M2 website until they can do the testing


Is someone able to give me SIMPLE instructions, or a video, of what I need to do to link my payflow pro to the sandbox testing account ?



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