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Platform Fees Not Being Applied To Merchant Account

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I have successfully integrated the checkout flow in the Sandbox environment. I am now wanting to include a platform fee with each order however I can not see the fee being applied to the final payment.


In my order creation I have included a Payment Instruction with a Disbursement Mode set to "INSTANT" and have included the desired Payee (a Sandbox Business account) and fee amount. After successfully completing a transaction I can see the payee of the Purchase Unit Request receiving a full payment (after PayPal transaction fees have been applied) and no payment activity can be seen in my merchant account.


Is there further setup to an account needed to apply the platform fees to my orders?


Platform Fees Not Being Applied To Merchant Account



Thank you for posting to the PayPal Merchant Technical Support Community.

Are you currently using the PayPal Commerce platform API to add a Platform Fee?

In order to be able to use the PayPal Commerce platform in sandbox it needs to be enabled on your sandbox account.

If you fill out the partner form and qualify for the platform, it can be added to your sandbox account.

If you are using a different method to add your partner fee, can you please comment your complete request, including headers, and response with no credentials, and no email addresses.





Platform Fees Not Being Applied To Merchant Account


Hello, I am using Marketplace and I having the same issue. In the Merchant account transactions I see the partner fee deduction and partner business name etc., but nothing is showing up in Partner account. Is the fix for this issue is to fill out this partner form? Is this required even for testing in Sandbox accounts? If I do, do I need to wait until it get reviewed and approved, and how long this may take? Hope it's not weeks/months. Appreciate if you can provide a quick fix. Thanks 

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