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Paypal testing guide out of date

New Community Member

Paypal testing guide out of date

I have a paypal button and am trying to test it, but the instructions on the site are out of date or incorrect. On this page here: it says to follow the link to and then log in and 

  1. Click Profile > Profile and Settings. Then, click My Selling Tools.

Which is not valid for that page. I clicked the gear which brought me to my profile and that had something about selling tools on it. I created a button and tested it out then wanted it to go to a follow up page after wards. I made my change and it logged me out due to inactivity I guess.


Now the interface is different and I can no longer find where I can change my paypal buttons. Under profile -> My selling tools the only thing I can change relating to buttons is "PayPal button language encoding".


Under help if I search for 'button' I get nothing.


If anyone knows if there's an up-to-date guide out there I'd greatly appreciate it. I really don't want to have to come back here and ask basic questions for navigation since the guide is incorrect.


But if there is no up to date guide how do I get back to the Paypal buttons I created??