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Paypal Live and sandbox API not working

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Hello everyone ,

                              I have opened paypal account to integrate paypal checkout option in my website ... currently i verified everything on paypal except GST . I tried to integrated sandbox and live credentials also but its not working , when i used someones paypal sandbox credentials its working , seems there is no bug on my code . I am using cakephp for integration and i used paypal SDK . After this error then i get to know that need to enable api from this link : , i can't able to enable from here . Can u please some one help me for this issue ? 


Paypal Live and sandbox API not working


All the API's should be enabled for sandbox testing.

For production usage, the payouts API is not available by default and the product requires a vetting process to occur if your account is eligible to use that service. Our customer service team will be able to inform you if your production account is eligible.

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