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PayFlow integration User authentication failed: Recurring Billing issue.

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I'm trying to integrate payflow recurring  payment to my webapplication. It is raising the following error when tried to add a recurring profile. Not able to understand what exactly is the  reason. They login details i.e Vendor, User, Partner and Pwd are correct, I logged in with same details from browser, it is working fine. Following is the response that I got.


{'RESULT': '1',
'RPREF': 'R4350B43FF9E',
'RESPMSG': 'User authentication failed: Recurring Billing',
'_raw_request': 'PWD=xxxxxx&USER=xxxxxxxx&PARTNER=PayPal&TRXTYPE=R&ACTION=A&PROFILENAME=testchani&PAYPERIOD=WEEK&START=10272009&TERM=0&EMAIL=xxxxxxxxx &TENDER=C&AMT=100&ACCT=371449635398431&CVV2=123&EXPDATE=1219&COMMENT1=order_number',
'_raw_response': 'RESULT=1&RPREF=R4350B43FF9E&RESPMSG=User authentication failed: Recurring Billing',
'_response_time': 2081.6869735717773}

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