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Pay via PayPal Balance option not available in Sandbox Account

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Need your help.

I am configuring PayPal sandbox environment. I have default Business & Personnel Sandbox Account for Australia Country. I used CLIENT_ID from the default app created using Business Account. I am using react.js to configure this. In index.html website file I put below script:


<script src=",funding-eligibi..."></script>

But when I try to login using my Personnel account, it doesn't show Payment option PayPal Balance.




Please note: I am making this request from India

Please see below code that I have configured

useEffect(() => { window.paypal .Buttons({ createOrder: (data, actions, err) => { return actions.order.create({ intent: "CAPTURE", purchase_units: [ { description: "Cool looking table", amount: { currency_code: "AUD", value: 2.0, }, }, ], }); }, onApprove: async (data, actions) => { const order = await actions.order.capture(); console.log(order); }, onError: (err) => { console.log(err); }, fundingSource:window.paypal.FUNDING.PAYPAL }) .render(paypal.current);

}, []);





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