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PDT Token in Sandbox

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Re: PDT Token in Sandbox

EDIT: I turned auto return off and purged all my paypal cookies. Once i logged back in and activated auto return the PDT token was visible once more. But only once.
Going back to the page after leaving it will result in the same issue.



I have the same issue, i understand i needed to post my Merchant ID?

This my merchant id: YRHZGNP3EVWAE


I'd like to add i just did this, and the token did appear the very first time i activated the PDT (the tutorial i was following made me leave the page)
I returned to the page and as i said, i have the same issue now.


Thanks for the help once i get it


Re: PDT Token in Sandbox

Thanks for the PDT token :thumbsup:

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Re: PDT Token in Sandbox

Hi, could you send me the PDT ID.


 My Merchant Id is JL4G4D47BFK8G




Re: PDT Token in Sandbox


PDT Token : LkLDLhZcyg5i7uTDtMPC-0elpfEVsBJaPwj_NMRNP5TqlusjheOi9VWXLXC

Merchant ID : JL4G4D47BFK8G
PDT Token : pccYUkvYGXu4KQmSaQpAsnAcBgFrmtZacfHj_LuP_nxjY0WcPZQSuMlqk0K

Thanks !

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