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Is there any Paypal solution for splitting a payment between to Paypal accounts automatically?

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we are a startup who is partnering with another startup who offers complimentary services. So as not to confuse our customers we will be accepting a single payment from users on our website but need to split this payment 50/50 with our partner organisation when it comes in to Paypal. 


I have researched this and see there is something called Adaptive Payments but this is no longer available to new businesses. I also found this something relating to Advertising and affiliates which looked like it could be a solution.


Can someone at Paypal advise if there is a way to split an incoming payment automatically between 2 Paypal accounts? If not then we need to find an alternative payment solution (currently looking at Stripe). 


I naively imagined this sort of thing would be quite common and that there would be tons of Paypal solutions available for website/business owners who need to split fees, for example to pay affiliates etc. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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