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If you don't have a return url, what is the next best thing?

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From what I have seen I am REQUIRED to put in a Return URL so that a PayPal user is IMMEDIATELY redirected after they make a purchase.

I do not currently have a Return URL and don't really plan on it, since I don't need to have a website. (The PayPal purchase is triggered through a PC Game In App Purchase)


What alternative is there for me, since it is required to put in a Return URL? I really just want the user to see PayPal's Purchase Complete message after they make purchase.


If you don't have a return url, what is the next best thing?


I have found no other option than to just create a simple boring website that has a simple message after the transaction is complete. PayPal will return users to this website and it will just say transaction is complete. ( I would have 100% preferred PayPal to just stay on its own transaction is complete page, but looks like I have no choice)


I used 000webhost to create a free website.


I then created an index.php file (a simple text file saved as "index.php") in the file manager when managing my website on 000webhost. I then added the following code to the currently blank file:

<div class="row spo space_top_10" style=" margin: auto;width: 50%;margin-top: 3%;">
<h1>Your Company Name Here</h1>
<p>Your transaction has been completed! <br> <br>A receipt for your purchase will be emailed to you.<br> <br> You may log into your account at <a href=''></a> to view details of this transaction.<br> <br></p>


I then placed my website url into the return url for PayPal request.


At least now my customers will know the transaction has been completed after the payment goes through.


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