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IPN Call responds with Status Retrying and HTTP-Code 404

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I think I'm at the last step to get IPN working, but this one seems impossible to solve. My Payment Notification gets sent to PayPal correctly, but can't seem to reach my server. On the IPN History I always just see "Status: Retrying" and "HTTP-CODE: 404". Well, I know what a 404 error is, but the Server and the address IS REACHABLE 100%. I tested it with https and without. I even copied the address the IPN History told me it tried to reach and I found myself on the correct page.  So it can't be a 404 Error right? What else can I try? 

I tried it with the IPN SImulator too, but that always results in "IPN was not sent, and the handshake was not verified. Review your information.", which seems to be a bug from PayPal itself, because it doesn't even matter what URL I type in.  


IPN Call responds with Status Retrying and HTTP-Code 404



Thank you for posting to the PayPal Sandbox Community.

I tested the IPN Simulator in Sandbox using  it is a website that you can use for IPN and Webhook simulation.

IPNs are being sent with no issues.

Here is the information on implementing a listener:

Your listener must send the post back in an https request.

Here is the information on IPN Architecture:

Here is a basic troubleshooting guide to receiving 404 errors with the IPN Listener:


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