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I got 400 bad Request

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Hi guys

When i am using payment gateway then in response i got 400 Bad Request error when ExecutePayment function call. This error come when we are on "http://localhost:55280/Home/PaymentWithPayPal?guid=38748&paymentId=PAY-4D928754RT4387745LMREZDI&token=EC-4B826335NW4165639&PayerID=EA8XR4U765PK2" and Please tell me if there is any mistake from my side in code. and please provide me technical support.


I got 400 bad Request


A "400" bad request means that your attempting to pass some detail within your request which is not supported. You need to check the variables and values your passing, simplify the request as much as possible, starting with the most basic of payment requests and then build-up your request one change at a time, so if you run into the same error again, you'll know which part of the request is causing the issue.

A good example of troubleshooting -

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I got 400 bad Request


What happened to me was that I could log onto my account, see overview page, when I went to see my Paypal credit account to make a payment it gave me this 400 bad request error

It must have been something with the cache in my browser.  

What I did was go to an incognito page and then logged in and I was able to get into my account and make the payment.

I got 400 bad Request

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I've been having this same problem for a while now. I'm going to try your workaround. Typically, I've just been going onto my phone app to make my payments. It is really annoying for it not to be working.

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