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Generic error on checkout U0RLX0lOVEVHUkFUSU9OX0xPQURJTkdfRVJST1I

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Hi everyone


I have inherited a .NET PayPal implementation for our corporate website. I have a sandbox account utitlising API userbame/password/signature with an endpoint of


Once the order details are passed to PayPal I see the url of and can log via my "buyer" sandbox account (which has funds). I select to pay the order but then if successful it should go to my "Success" page , but instead I just get this: (and details of the cancel url). I noticed that U0RLX0lOVEVHUkFUSU9OX0xPQURJTkdfRVJST1I decodes back to SDK_INTEGRATION_LOADING_ERROR but can't find any details on what this might mean.


We reference these 2 .NET dlls:

PayPalCoreSDK.dll ver

PayPalMerchantSDK ver



.. which are functioning ok within the production PayPal environment i.e. non-sandbox


I look forward to any feedback, and please let me know if you need anymore details.


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