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Error: payment pending unilateral (always on hold - woocommerce)

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I am resending this, I am not sure if I was able to submit this last week but I could't find it so I am reposting it.


I am using wordpress woocommerce and the standard paypal payment option that comes with it. I have a sandbox account on paypal to test paypal's payment option but suddenly all my orders (sandbox) are always "On hold" in woocommerce. And the reason states, "payment pending unilateral".


I don't know what happened, I asked a friend and he said it does to his sandbox account too. I read somewhere that I needed my email address verified, but I can;t find any emails asking me to verify my account. I have been using this account since March this year and it was working well.


Can someone help? Or if there is someone who can do the verification it would be helpful.


Platform: Woocommerce

Plugin: Standard Paypal

Error: payment pending unilateral (causing On hold orders)

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