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Error 10004 on my e-commerce site


Error 10004 on my e-commerce site

I have a WordPress e-commerce store using Woocommerce. I have the official PayPal Checkout plugin from Woocommerce that allows me to accept payments from customers on the site. I switched to sandbox and I'm trying to test the site before I launch. 


If I checkout using PayPal checkout (sign in to my paypal account and pay), it works fine. But if I pay with a credit card (using PayPal credit card generator), I get the following error: 


PayPal error (10004): An error (10004) occurred while processing your PayPal payment. Please contact the store owner for assistance.


Strangely enough, before I recieve that error, PayPal asks me if I want to convert my total to from USD to Euro, or let my credit card issuer do the conversion. No matter what I choose, I still get the above error. 


This is strange because I tripled checked all settings in Woocommerce and my PayPal account. Everything is set to USD. I think the error has something to do with currency, but like I said everything is set to USD. 


I've been trying to fix this for three days. I ALREADY read all the relevant help pages on PayPal, contact plugin authors, and posted on several help forums. I can't find a solution to this.