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Delete Sandbox Account

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Hi, I need to close old SandBox accounts because they don't seem to work anymore. They were created for some site tests but I can't delete them and I get the error: "Cannot delete this Sandbox account. Sandbox app(s) are associated with this account."

I would also have to create new accounts. How should I do? Thank


Delete Sandbox Account


Hello @Many17 ,

Thank you for posting to the PayPal Sandbox Community. The only sandbox accounts that you cannot delete are the default sandbox accounts (any sandbox account that says facilitator in the email) or an account associated with a Rest API app. If you first delete any Rest API apps associated with the sandbox account that you wish to delete, you should be able to delete the sandbox account (as long as it is not the facilitator sandbox account).


Here is how to delete a Rest API app:

  • Log into the PayPal developer dashboard at
  • Click on Apps & Credentials
  • Click on your Rest API apps until you find the one that has the sandbox email you wish to delete
  • Once you have found it copy the app name
  • Click Apps & Credentials
  • Click the trash can icon to the left of the app name
  • Paste the App name in the Application Name box
  • Click Confirm

Once you have deleted all Rest API apps associated with the sandbox email, you can delete the sandbox account.

Below is the link to creating additional sandbox accounts:


Thank you,




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