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Custom recurring Payment Plan


Custom recurring Payment Plan

I am trying to create a customized recurring billing plan for my customers, as follows:

- MONTH 1: set-up fee (e.g. 100) + monthly fee (e.g. 50)

- MONTH 2 and onwards: 50.


Paypal Business Support in Singapore (where my account s located) sent me to, submit a ticket, and wait... but there's nowhere to submit a support ticket on that page.

Somehow I ended up here so I am asking for help - is there a way to set up such customized recurring billing?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Custom recurring Payment Plan

If you add a trial period you can bill $100.00 for the first month and $50.00 each subsequent month.

Below is sample code showing adding a trial period:


You can also create the button in your PayPal Account and choose "I want to offer a trial period"

In the amount of the trial period you can put in 100.00 if that is the initial amount. After the trial period is over then your buyers will be charged 50.00 the amount in the subscription.


Here are the steps to creating the subscription button with a trial period: