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Cannot delete sandbox transaction / close profile


Cannot delete sandbox transaction / close profile

Hej there


I want to close my sandbox account, but can't because of a pending transaction, which is pending, because I used a wrong eMail-address (one, which is not registered to a sandbox account).


Right now I can't change the transaction's eMail address, cancel the transaction nor can I close the account.


What can / should I do?

Thanks in advance!



Re: Cannot delete sandbox transaction / close profile

Hello @babofett

You have two options in this scenario.

1. Create a new sandbox account and use the email address where you sent to the payment in order to accept the payment in the new account. Remember, the email address does not need to be a "real world" email address, so even if it does not exist you can still use the email address to create a sandbox account.

2. You can share the merchant ID for the sandbox account which sent the payment so I can take a look. I can't guarantee I'll be able to release the transaction, but I'll review it and see if there is anything I can do. The merchant ID can be retrieved by following the instructions in the "how to report an issue" thread pinned to the top of this forum.

Thanks !

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Re: Cannot delete sandbox transaction / close profile

Thanks! Let's try option Nr. 2: My Merchant account ID is MMGEM3BH62GN4