Can't change IPN Notification URL


few days ago I changed my notification URL under "account settings / website payments/Instant payments notifications/update"   I changed the notification URL (which has been working correctly since 2002) to a new one.  


However, PayPal is still posting to the old one. For some reason the setting has NOT taken effect. I have checked and everything is correct under my settings: the new URL is there and "message delivery" is enabled.


When I check the IPN history is shows the notification was sent to the old URL.


Why are IPN notifications still being sent to the old one despite me updating the URL?  Note these are NOT for recurring payments (which we don't use).  Note also that the notification URL is NOT being sent from the payment button form; it is only specified under our settings.


What do we have to do to get PayPal to use the new URL?

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PayPal Employee
PayPal Employee

Good day @peterhoa,


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Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused and delay in email response.


This should be an issue with the "notify_url" parameter which is passing the old IPN URL in your website payment request API call to PayPal system. 

Though you have updated the NEW_IPN_URL in your PayPal account settings, the OLD_IPN_URL might have been passed from your website as "notify_url".

The OLD_IPN_URL passed in "notify_url" will over ridding the NEW_IPN_URL marked in your PayPal account settings. 

I request to please contact your website developer or the support of the third party platform eCommerce to cross check your website payment API request call and make sure your passing New_IPN_URL as "notify_url"


Once this is done, PayPal system will send the IPN response to your New_IPN_URL




You can avoid/stop pass the "notify_url" parameter in website payment API request call, since you have already updated the New_IPN_URL in your PayPal account settings. 


Please refer the guide link :  


Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.




PayPal/Braintree MTS


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We are also experiencing this problem with our IPN function.  Although we have updated our "notification URL" on the IPN configuration page, the IPN's are still sending to the old url which does not even show in our settings.  We are not implementing "notify_url" parameter, and this is verifiable by the fact that our sandbox account is functioning properly with all of the same configurations.  We are definitely not using "notify_url" and yet our IPN notification url will not update in PayPal.  We have attempted all the standard troubleshooting procedures...disabling IPN notifications, changing url to another url, then disabling, then changing back to target url, then enabling, etc.  Please advise.

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We are having the same issue. Did you resolve it already?

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I have the exact same problem, and suspect a bug at PayPal side.


I used to pass the "notify_url" long time ago. But my code does not anymore, I am certain (I am using PayPal Checkout / Smart Button code that certainly does not pas such parameter). 


I was hoping that the URL used for IPN would be the one set by default on my account, but it is not. It remains stuck to that old "notify_url" setting, as if it was cached forever. 


I try to get PayPal technicians aware of these, but they don't seem to understand the problem.

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Same problem here. I do NOT use "notify_url", and the new IPN address entered 4 weeks ago has not propagated, so it is still calling the old address.

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This is happening to me still.

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