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Billing-Plan REST API Issue

New Community Member

Billing-Plan REST API Issue

I am trying to create a billing plan using the REST API from within the POSTMAN application, I have successfully managed this using the PAYPAL SDK but keep getting the following error when using the API. I have decided to try and switch to the API as opposed to the SDK as I feel it will be me more versatility. 


Error Message Received

{ "name": "INTERNAL_SERVICE_ERROR", "message": "An internal service error has occurred", "debug_id": "fbe5c6c97782a" }


I have been posting to the following URL


I have been sure to include the following headers

Authorization Bearer xxxmy_access_tokenxxx

Content-Type application/json


and the following JSON body (same as what works using the SDK)


 {"name":"this plan","description":"this descrition","type":"INFINITE","payment_definitions":[{"name":"regular payment","type":"REGULAR","frequency_interval":"1","frequency":"MONTH","cycles":"0","amount":{"value":"9.99","currency":"GBP"},"charge_models":[{"type":"SHIPPING","amount":{"value":"1.00","currency":"GBP"}},null,null]},null,null],"merchant_preferences":{"setup_fee":{"value":"2.00","currency":"GBP"},"cancel_url":"","return_url":"","max_fail_attempts":"0","auto_..."}}