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Access Token not found in cache


Access Token not found in cache

Hi ,

I am integrating my application with paypal payment.I was successful in integrating, I am able to make payments.But some times I get the below error when requesting paypal.

 The error response is as follows :

Error response: {"error":"invalid_token","error_description":"Access Token not found in cache"}

Can you suggest me what is going wrong, I am facing this issues in both sanbox and live environments.Any suggestion would be helpful.

Thank You,


Re: Access Token not found in cache

I got the same problem. I think this is related to the OAuth token that is expired, so if you can, you can ask a new one.


In my case, I saw a paypal smart button click, which seemed to work. Then a second one, 36 hours later from the same page. That second click triggered that error. I don't know what is the impact on the customer and if the smart button handle the OAuth token refresh and I would like to know.