Urgent Help!!, Getting a INTERNAL_SERVICE_ERROR while creating a payment using the paypal-node-sdk.


Dear Support,


I need an unrgent help, regarding the payment.  

I have implemented your rest sdk for payment via existing credit card , and which was working fine till yesterday but when i again hit the service today with the same credentials and same data, it started showing me some consistent error.

So please help me out. 

Request Json : 

{"intent":"sale","payer":{"payment_method":"credit_card","funding_instruments":[{"credit_card_token":{"credit_card_id":"CARD-0P525642WU5412724LGUQSNI","payer_id":"3hfUVsayPd"}}]},"transactions":[{"amount":{"total":"1.32","currency":"USD"},"description":"Travelling Charge"}]}

Till yesterday night it was working fine.


And when I again requested the same service with the same data, so it started showing INTERNAL_SERVICE_ERROR

 For getting the solutoin I have visited the same link which you have provide with error code.

Link: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/api/payments/#errors.

So i did the exact thing according to the documentation. Tried some more time or if still the error will occur so contact the PayPal tech support.

Response Json 

{"response":{"name":"INTERNAL_SERVICE_ERROR","message":"An internal service error occurred.","information_link":"https://developer.paypal.com/docs/api/payments/#errors","debug_id":"3867882447ec0","httpStatusCode":...}

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