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Hi all, when i create payout ( im using node sdk ) i follow they way i can find on github https://github.com/paypal/PayPal-node-SDK/blob/master/samples/payout/create_single_payout.js

So far so good, but some doubts come onto the scene : 

1) Response i have 

  "batch_header": {
    "sender_batch_header": {
      "sender_batch_id": "Payout[Removed. Phone #s not permitted],
      "email_subject": "You have a payout!",
      "email_message": "You have received a payout! Thanks for using our service!"
    "payout_batch_id": "5UXD2E8A7EBQJ",
    "batch_status": "PENDING"

 What means "PENDING" status? How i can now payout is completed? Using webhooks? 

2) Should i expect paypal to send emails to recipients? I guess so as there are related fields, however i don't see see any email ( im testing in sandbox mode).

Thx in advance for any help. 



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