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Sending purchased items details to the PayPal.


Sending purchased items details to the PayPal.

Hello, I need to send the list of item purchased and whose payments are being done using Paypal so that the buyer as well as the vendor can see that what products have the been purchased or sold. Here is the snippet of what I did for the same, by following the Github code of PayPalCheckout but I get

We'are sorry dialog each time.






Here is my code snippet I used, Now please anyone suggest what is the issue here.

	 * Preparing final cart amount that needs to be sent to PayPal for payment
	private PayPalPayment prepareFinalCart() {

		List<PayPalItem> productsInCart = new ArrayList<>();
		double price;

		for (Program program : mPrograms) {
			if (null != program.programPrices.get(program.selectedPriceIndex).priceAfterDiscount) {
				price = program.programPrices.get(program.selectedPriceIndex).priceAfterDiscount;
			} else {
				price = program.programPrices.get(program.selectedPriceIndex).price;
			PayPalItem item = new PayPalItem(program.type, 1, //Quantity
					new BigDecimal(price), //price
					Config.DEFAULT_CURRENCY, // currency
					 + String.valueOf(; // stock keeping unit


		if (App.sCouponDetails != null) {

		PayPalItem[] items = new PayPalItem[productsInCart.size()];
		items = productsInCart.toArray(items);

		// Total amount
		BigDecimal subtotal = new BigDecimal(mFinalCost);

		// If you have shipping cost, add it here
		BigDecimal shipping = new BigDecimal("0.0");

		// If you have tax, add it here
		BigDecimal tax = new BigDecimal("0.0");

		PayPalPaymentDetails paymentDetails = new PayPalPaymentDetails(shipping, subtotal, tax);

		BigDecimal amount = subtotal.add(shipping).add(tax);

		// Getting Purchased Programs type
		StringBuilder programsType = new StringBuilder();
		for (int i = 0; i < mPrograms.size(); i++) {
			if (i == mPrograms.size() - 1) {
			} else {

		PayPalPayment payment = new PayPalPayment(amount, Config.DEFAULT_CURRENCY, "Total Amount: "/*programsType.toString()*/, Config.PAYMENT_INTENT);


		// Custom field like invoice_number etc.,
		//payment.custom("This is text that will be associated with the payment that the app can use.");

		return payment;



Re: Sending purchased items details to the PayPal.

Does anyone replies here?