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Processing credit cards without paypal accounts

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We're a subscription business (automatically charging monthly subscription from our clients).

I'm trying to find a solution to process credit cards of clients, without clients having a paypal account.

Paypal's Merchant Support told me we can use something which is called Advanced credit and debit card payments  (


They told me it's not enabled on accounts by default, and we need to explicitly pass a verification process so that this feature is enabled on our businesss account.

Specifically, they told me we need to enable "PayPal Commerce Platform (ppcp)" on our account.

They sent me a link, but all it does is lead me to my paypal homepage (dashboard).


Then, Paypal's Merchant Support told me to contact the regular Paypal support to help us with this issue. However these guys (regular Paypal support ) don't even know what "PayPal Commerce Platform (ppcp)" is.


Anyone struggled with the same issue and can shed some light on a solution?


Thank you



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