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Paypal SDK for .NET core is dead?


Paypal SDK for .NET core is dead?



I'm just wondering whether the SDK for .NET Core is still alive and still in development or is it dead?  It seems that a release candidate (2.0.0-rc2 was released in April 2018 but there hasn't been a word since.


People are raising issues about the SDK and also about whether it will ever be our of release candidate status, such as on this issue thread:


I've tried contacting one of the developers and he says that he doesn't even work for Paypal/Braintree anymore...


is it dead, can we use it, is it going to be released and safe for use in production soon?


Thanks for your help,



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Re: Paypal SDK for .NET core is dead?

Can't believe "PayPal" is doing this. I was actually frustrated that there was no official support for .net core 1.x and making me more frustrated that for .net core 2.x they have been dormant for almost a year since rc2 was released. Seriously, there are tons of industries using .net core as their main tech and they are looking for sdk to integrate paypal into their program. What a shame.