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PayPal Here Receipt Logo Blurry / Fuzzy

New Community Member

PayPal Here Receipt Logo Blurry / Fuzzy

We've recently setup PayPal Here and are having trouble with our logo ... regardless of the file size, type etc. the logo on the receipt is blurry / fuzzy. I've lodged a case with PayPal Support but thought I'd check here as well to see if anyone is able to shed some light on a solution. Thank you! 🙂

New Community Member

Re: PayPal Here Receipt Logo Blurry / Fuzzy

I just tried various combinations of PNG and SVG to try and correct this.


PNG, I tried a bunch of sizes between 200px wide up to 4096px wide.  They all looked blurry. 😞


Even though the file picker says that "SVG" can be uploaded, when you do it throws an error that the file type is unsupported. (Which is too bad, as SVG is the best-case scenario for crisp and good-looking logos).