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Pay later messaging not working

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I'm trying to add the pay later messaging to my site as mentioned on this page. I was logged in so the shown code has my client ID. I also changed the code so that data-pp-amount had the correct amount. But when I load the page nothing is displayed from paypal.


I then tried adding the pay later buttons and they showed up fine. I was able to click on them and was taken to paypal to make the payment.


I contacted developer support and they just gave me links to the pages I already have, like the one above. I responded that I have that and explained the situation again. They responded that Pay latter was not available in the US. I replied that I would like a link to the page that says that. They couldn't find it, of course, and said they would escalate the ticket. But I've not received a reply.


Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try or who to contact regarding this?

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