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Login and Payment Issue


Login and Payment Issue

Our project is on react-native platform. We are using SDK for payment (pay with PayPal and pay with card) but when i click on "Pay with card" button it get crashed on iOS only meanwhile android is working fine. Can you please let us know the solution for iOS ?


Also we have login with PayPal integrated but we are not getting user's payer id who has logged in. What we have done is written down flow-wise. Please guide us for this two points.


=> User will do login in your SDK and you will return us one token

=> Will pass that token to get refreshed token (Using your REST API)

=> Then using that refreshed token we will get Access Token

=> After getting access token app will pass that token into identity API to get user info (like email, payerId)


But we are not getting that information from identity API. We only gets user_id which contains URL