In sales (with command _cart), is using notify_url mandatory?


I am trying to implement sales using the command _cart and multiple items.

The question is - Can I safely rely on PayPal returning to the "return" address, I can treat it as a successful transaction?


Can I not mention any "notify_url" parameter?


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PayPal Employee
PayPal Employee

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notify_url : The URL to which PayPal posts information about the payment, in the form of Instant Payment Notification messages. 


PayPal will send the IPN payment notification messages, if merchant pass the notify_url parameter in your website API request call to PayPal system. 


The notify_url passed in your website button code/API request call will override the IPN feature settings mentioned in your PayPal account. 


Guide link for "Notify_URL" -


If merchant have already setup the IPN Notifications on PayPal, they can avoid pass the notify_url value in the website button code/API request call.




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