How to make billing address optional in PayPal SmartButton credit/Debit card dialog


I have integrated PayPal smartbutton using javascript sdk. Everything works fine with the payments. However, our customers are asked to key in phone number and address when paying by Creadit/Debit card (they don't have paypal account). Since our's is digital goods (nothing physical), I want to make phone number and address optional for our customers. I have tried to find documentation for that without any success!





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Good day @Vid2023,


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Completely understand the trouble.


Unfortunately, merchants can't disable/remove "billing address" from Debit/Credit card (PayPal Smart button).


This is expected behaviour of the product.


Merchant can able to disable/remove "Shipping address" details.


Please follow the below detailed steps & instructions based on your website integration.


1. For REST API integration : You can pass value "NO_SHIPPING" to disable shipping address during checkout.


For digital goods, the payment API request call should be correct value under "Shipping_Preference" field.

shipping_preference : The location from which the shipping address is derived. The possible values are:
  • GET_FROM_FILE. Get the customer-provided shipping address on the PayPal site.
  • NO_SHIPPING. Redacts the shipping address from the PayPal site. Recommended for digital goods.
  • SET_PROVIDED_ADDRESS. Get the merchant-provided address. The customer cannot change this address on the PayPal site. If merchant does not pass an address, customer can choose the address on PayPal pages.



Guide link -  


2. For NVP API integration, pass the "no_shipping" as "1"  in your SetExpressCheckoutRequest API call to disable shipping address during checkout.


NOSHIPPING  : Determines whether PayPal displays shipping address fields on the PayPal pages. For digital goods, this field is required, and you must set it to 1. 

Value is:
•    0 — PayPal displays the shipping address on the PayPal pages. But do not require one.
•    1 — PayPal does not display shipping address fields and removes shipping information from the transaction.
•    2 — If you do not pass the shipping address, PayPal obtains it from the buyer's account profile. require one. 

Guide link -


3. For "PayPal Payments Standard" legacy button integration, pass the "no_shipping" as "1" to disable shipping address during checkout.



Do not prompt buyers for a shipping address.

Valid value is:

  • 0. Prompt for an address, but do not require one.
  • 1. Do not prompt for an address.
  • 2. Prompt for an address and require one.


Guide link -


If your still facing issues, please create a MTS ticket via - with detailed information and error details.




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