Getting errors when integrating standard checkout with my web site. Probably a beginner problem.


Please excuse a beginner question.  I'm trying to integrate PayPal standard checkout with my new web  site.  If I follow the instructions found on the developer pages, using app.js and server.js (along with a few other files) in a stand-alone test, it works just fine.  But when I try to integrate with the rest of my site (without using npm), I get a 403 Not Found error, followed by an error saying it gets an unrecognized token of '<'.  Can somebody please point me in the right direction? Thanks.

P.S. I recognize that the '<' token is coming from html, rather than a JSON string (in fact, it's coming from <!DOCTYPE...>), but don't know why.  I'm hoping that solving the Not Found problem fixes the second problem.

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