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Braintree declined my account


Braintree declined my account

Hello PayPal,


I implemented an app for restaurants where restaurants guests can order and pay from their smartphone. I wanted to integrate PayPal in my app. On the PayPal developer page I read that iOS SDK is deprecated and they recommended to use Braintree. I started to integrate Braintree and it was working right in the beginning, also with productive API. I was very happy about the successful integration of Braintree. Two weeks later Braintree declined my account because of too high risk for them. My app has zero risk for Braintree, because a restaurant guest first get the food ordered and then pay via Braintree if food was ok. The product (food) is delivered before payment. (0 risk). My app can have millions of users using PayPal. But not with Braintree. In my opinion Braintree is damaging PayPals name recognition and business. Please check also Braintree review. Just google for “Braintree reviews”. You will get this 1. Page:
 Please help me Braintree to accept my merchant account.



Best regards