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AMP Site - Integrating Paypal button with simple link (see example)

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Hi there,


Brand new to Paypal business and pretty fresh to the coding world, so please go easy on me, and explain this like I'm 3.


Obviously you can't integrate a regular paypal button on an AMP site because of the javascript limitations, however I have seen that this site "Bulgarian Wines" has cleverly acheived a redirect to a paypal checkout using a simple href:


Here's one of his pages:

And you can see he's acheived the checkout using this for "check your basket": <a href=";business=ZNM2EYDP6ZNLJ&amp;display=1">Check your basket</a>


And this for "Add to basket": <a href=";hosted_button_id=HW6MBAJPHBCGQ" target="_blank">Add to basket</a>

How can I go about doing this myself please? How would I navigate my Paypal Business account to find and modify these basket codes and implement them on my own site?


Thank you


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